Amazing Patient Engagement

Eliminate patient cancellations while improving their care and increasing profitability!  Patient Engagement is one of the best ways you can serve your patients AND your Business!

Stay in touch with your patients

Our Patient Communication Services are the best and easiest way for you to increase revenue, reduce overhead and improve patient satisfaction.  

We employ the most innovative features designed to help you streamline your operations.  Use our service as part of our EMR/EHR, or as a stand-alone service!  Some of the features include;

  • Smart Reminders – Call three days out and if they respond to cancel, they won’t receive a follow up reminder.  If they don’t respond to the call, they’ll receive a text and/or email reminder two days before their appointment.

  • When a patient first schedules an appointment, and is added to the schedule, we will send and SMS that day so they may save it to their smart phone calendar.

  • The Providers office phone number will appear on the Caller ID.

  • SMS will come through a local number.

  • Patients may respond to confirm, cancel or request to reschedule.

  • The scheduling software will be populated with patient responses.

  • Phone messages are tailored to the patient appointment type. (New patient, follow up, procedures)

  • Our automated voice is the IBM “Watson” quality.

  • Email reminders may include links to directions or to information on the provider website.

  • A Dashboard with summary, detail and activity reports is available for all users.

  • Check to see if the actual date/time stamp of when the reminder was received.

  • Read and hear the actual message if contested by a patient.

  • A PDF report will be emailed to the office and available when the office opens for a quick report.

  • Broadcast capability for inclement weather cancellation is available within the system.

  • Broadcasting can be used to contact patients that need to make an annual or recheck appointment or for other health events.

  • Late responses to SMS and email will be forwarded to the office.

  • We monitor effectiveness of the reminders and will make suggestions for better patient response.

  • Instruction care and medication reminders for post-procedure patients are available upon request.

  • There is no set up or upfront fees and changes, upgrades and service calls are FREE!

Recall Notifications:  Population health management for preventative, wellness, targeted, and critical care.  Automate Transition of Care contact.

  • Reduce gaps in care

  • Medical Adherence

  • Pre-surgery instructions

  • Reduce administrative burden

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Remain in compliance

Appointment Reminders: Text, voice calls and interactive communication for confirmations and rescheduling requests.

  • Increase revenue by reducing no-shows and cancellations

  • Improved office efficiency

  • Reduce call volume and hold times

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Drive patients to your portal

Patient Surveys:  Get instant feedback on your patients' experience.  Know your strengths and areas  needing improvement to increase patient satisfaction and practice performance.

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Control gaps in care

  • Post-discharge

  • Medication adherence

Time Block Messaging:  Tex, email and voice messaging makes fast, easy work of notifying your patients of schedule changes or practice closings due to inclement weather.

Payment Reminders: Get paid faster and cheaper with text message payment reminders.  Supplement paper statements to reduce your overhead.  


Other Applications Include:

  • Pharmacies

  • Hospitals

  • Billing Companies

  • Diagnostic Centers

  • Emergency Clinics

  • Laboratories

  • Research Centers

  • Home Health Organizations

  • ACO's

  • MSO's