Custom Forms

Custom Forms


Would you like to have your patient intake forms available online?



We can take your patient intake packet and create digital documents which are available to them via the patient portal.  Have your patients complete health questionnairs, approve/sign documents and submit them.  Or, have us prepare printable forms, such as Privacy Policies, Promise to Pay documents, etc..


Have us create patient intake forms, health questionnaires, Review of Systems and/or Physical Exam Templates for you.  Cost is for up each form/template (up to 2 pages in length).  Documents must be provided to us in either Word or PDF Format.



Do you ever utilize a form for your procedures?  We can create forms for use within the Procedure tab of the "Point of Care - POC" area of the note.  (A great example: A physician orders a Caratid Dopler Study and the form allows the tech to chart the results of the study, which is now part of the patient note)




    Provide us with a copy of your patient intake documents, or forms you'd like in your Procedures.


    We will make our best efforts to replicate your form(s).  Images and Tables require additonal customization and are not included in the pricing.  If tables and images exist, a custom quote will be prepared for you.  

    Once the form is completed, you make make a one-time change prior to having the form(s) published.  We will provide our best efforts to have your online forms match your current forms, but because forms are time-intensive, there is no refund and no guarnatee that the form will work exactly as you expect.


    Depending on the complexity and volume of the forms you require us to build, we can typically have a form built within 3 business days of receipt.